At Desert Roofing and Flooring LLC Group we are committed to planning and installing waterproofing systems to preserve building heritage and provide surroundings, which are hygienic, comfortable and sound.

Waterproofing membranes of different types for various applications are manufactured by our principals Index. Italy, from polymer bitumen modified with elastomers and plastomers. The reinforcement is non-woven fabric of continuously extruded spun-bond polyester. Index's factory uses exclusive industrial patents for the manufacture of the waterproofing membranes. This, in combination with raw material and formulations gives the products the quality and features.

We are distributors for Aquathone, liquid acrylic based waterproofing membrane, Excellent heat resistive ceramic based coatings from United Coatings, USA. and Ronafix, waterproof-bonding additives from
Ronacrete . U.K.

Mariseal from our principals Maris & Co, offering total waterproofing systems and flooring range of PU and epoxy coatigns all to ISO standards. The mariseal product coatigns are high- performance, elastomeric, one component, moisture curing polyurethane coating, specially formulated as water proofing membrane with exceptional elastic and physical properties and has been extensivley approved and used on projects worldwide.

Partners of Sarnafil high quality single ply polymeric roofing membranes from Switzerland, with world wide applications.

ABE construction chemicals and compounds from South Africa, offering prodcuts to meet all construction needs

Nophadrain from Holland, offering all drainage systems and also green roof systems made to the highest level of quality and being installed by our professional team in the gulf.

Drfco/Sahrathane sprayed on fast curing polyurethnae liner two component system elastomeric system.

Our professional team, with almost two decades experience in the field of waterproofing and thermal insulation has successfully carried out various assignments,Prestigious and the biggest project in Dubai, the Dubai Marina towers, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Convvention center and hotels and Hamdan Central Military command camps are just two of many projects completed by us. Our expertise, professional approach to the requirements of the customers, involvement of qualified engineers and skilled technicians during project implementation, have been instrumental in accomplishing tasks cost effectively and to the satisfaction of the customers.

The expertise of our, ISO 9001 awarded, principals Index, our philosophy, our commitment to offering only quality products, our techniques of engineering values puts us in a unique position to offer specialized services.

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